My Forbidden Love

I fell head over heels in love with my duet partner at a karaoke bar.


The week we spent together was perfect until I walked into my new job. Turns out my new boss Darren Corby was my duet partner. And unfortunately, that ruined all possibilities of us ever becoming a couple.


I endure this inner turmoil for three years, then draw a line under it and quit. Admittedly on impulse, but it turns out to be the best decision of my life.


Or not, because although nothing now stands in the way of a relationship with my ex-boss, my family is suddenly pushing for me to return home to Rome.


But Darren also seems to have to give up his life in New York and take his place at the top of the family empire in Boston.


In the end, have I waited too long, after all, letting our chance slip away forever?